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MuliMagic Banner

The pop-up alternative solution

The MuliMagic Banner is the New Generation of Display Systems. Combine Your Banner Stands & Pop-up Displays into One Concept - The MuliMagic Banner transforms from straight display to curved in seconds with no tools!

Set's up like a banner stand, joins together to look like a pop-up, and transforms from straight to curved style with the flick of a hinge.

SAVE MONEY – One system, more options, more choice. The MuliMagic Banner is limited only by your IMAGINATION! 

Photo of Felicity Francis

Just to let you know I love my MuliMagic banners.

The fact that they join together to make a wall and don’t just look like roller banners in a row is an elegant solution I never knew I needed.

Weight wise and portability they are no different to my normal roller banners. I also love the fact that they can pop into a curve at a quick click. This is great when space is tight or I want photos.

Will let everyone from my networking events know about them!

Felicity Francis, Managing Director, Talk Networking

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